My sculptures are constructed of found laces and crochet along with newly created articles. Working across materials and classifications and moving beyond the traditional uses of lace, crochet and weaving, conventional textiles and textile techniques are re-purposed to create complex dimensional compositions. These forms interact with luminosity, line, shadows and textures. They are structural and strong while resonating with and reflecting their genesis and origins; the soft, pliable, penetrable and organic.

Surface patinas, copper, rust and metal leaf reference age and sculpture fabricated, forged and molded through fire, heat and hammer existing in direct opposition and incongruity to the ethereal and elegant forms constructed from the drawing of thread. These articles, relics of the past are re-animated, becoming the antithesis of their previous existence, that of obliquity and background. It is the feminized craft shifted into the role of object. They are emblematic and allegorical honoring the women, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and wives who toiled in relative obscurity to create them.